Cappoquin House

News & Events

Monday 1st May. The House open to the public once again. It is looking tidy and quite smart. But the showpiece is the garden which is sensational at the moment. The big Rhododendron arboreums are almost over but the deciduous shrubs are in leaf and the Azaleas are coming out. There is still a carpet of bluebells and anenomies underneath the old weeping ash and the islands of shrubs. All the damage from the storms has now been cleared away and we have piles of timber to sell in two years time when it has dried out.

There are events this weekend at Lismore Castle where Thomas Pakenham is due to talk on trees and a herb garden event at Dromana.

On Sunday 18th May at 5 in the morning we are hosting a Dawn Chorus led by Patrick Smeddy who does the bird surveys in the area for Bird Watch Ireland. It is free but there is an optional breakfast afterwards for which a charge of Euro 8 is being made. Prior bookings must be made as it will not work if we are more than 25.

At the end of the month on Saturday 31st May we are hosting, as part of the Lismore Opera Weekend, a recitial by Kate Ellis of her own compositions on the Cello. I have listened to another perfomance she has done and it is novel and exciting.